WPTD: Flickr Mini Gallery

Flickr Mini Gallery will let you leverage your Flickr photo albums and easily embed them into WordPress.

Here are the examples pulled from the plugin homepage.


Gets photos from all the users with these tags
[miniflickr tags=”travel, sunset, landscape”]

10 last images from my portfolio or shows the link if javascript is not enabled
[miniflickr user_id=”56755410@N00″ tags=”portfolio” per_page=”10″ ] Portfolio[/miniflickr]

Gets photos from all the users with these tags
[miniflickr tags=”poster” group_id=”92076845@N00″ per_page=”5″ ]

Here are some screenshots to see it in action.

Flickr Mini Gallery Example

Here is an example of what the HTML will produce for the short tags.

Code for the Mini Gallery

Cheers to the plugin author, Felipe Skroski, for creating this plugin.

I have been searching for a long time for something like this.



3 Responses to WPTD: Flickr Mini Gallery

  1. Felipe says:

    Hey thanks very much for writing about my plugin is nice to see it’s been useful for someone.

  2. My pleasure, it’s great to see plugin authors still being active in the community.

    Some of the time, I’ve noticed that plugin authors just create the plugin, then it dies and becomes useless to the community.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Ali says:

    Thank you for this! I was just wondering the other day how to do this. Woot!

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